<b>Paris Sexy </b><br>Grace Ahlbom

Paris Sexy
Grace Ahlbom

Self-published, 2017

50 postcards, housed in a cardstock box, 11 x 13.5 cm

Edition of 50, numbered

Continuing her work focused on youth, masculinity, the gender binary, and subcultures, Grace Ahlbom documents in Paris Sexy a world somewhere between London and Paris, inhabited by skaters, shirtless youths, and teenage abandon.

“When I hang out and document these boys, I feel like I’m looking back at what could’ve been. I feel like I’m living vicariously through their adolescence in a way that shows me what could have been mine if I grew up as a boy. In my work I observe, envision and artistically render where I sit on the spectrum of gender identity, and in working with teenage boys I am doing that retrospectively.” — Grace Ahlbom, Dazed.

Condition: Fine

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