<b>Nirvana </b><br>Jason Lazarus

Jason Lazarus

Published by Here Press, 2013

Softcover, 32 pages, 23 photographs, 17 x 24 cm

Edition of 400 

The photographs and accompanying statements in ‘Nirvana’ are answers to Jason Lazarus’ question: 'Who introduced you to Nirvana?'
Some of the statements are nostalgic, some are amusing and some are downright tragic. There are tales of growing pains: getting high, parents and part-time parents; there are tales of sex, from losing virginities to dorm room romps to stalkers; there are tales of woe, from motorcycle accidents to broken backs and AIDS. Just when you feel you are getting comfortable flicking between the words on the back cover to the flashed out face in the photo, something comes along and unsettles you.

Condition: As New

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