<b>Cha Cha Cha </b><br> Stephen Willats

Cha Cha Cha
Stephen Willats

Published by Coracle Press, 1982

Softcover, 50 pages, 15 x 20 cm, numerous b&w plates in black thick paper

First edition

“The Cha Cha Club was one of the many private clubs that sprang to life in the early 1980s in London during a kind of post-punk fragmentation of sensibilities and codes, with different communities and groups creating their own environmental catalysts in which they could meet like-minded individuals and feel free and personally expressive.

When I first went to this club I found the rough, tense atmosphere there very difficult to cope with, and it took me several visits before I felt confident enough to start photographing inside the club. [...]

You can use the night as cover, as a cloak to be who you want, to be yourself, without anyone hassling you…The Cha Cha Club captured the spirit of this new generation’s attitude perhaps more than any other, where everything was possible if your attitude was right.” - Stephen Willats

Condition: Very Good