<b>Jóvenes Héroes</b><br> Jouko Lehtola

Jóvenes Héroes
Jouko Lehtola

Published by DA2, 2006

Softcover, 95 pages, 24 x 30 cm, text in English and Spanish

First edition

Published on the occasion of finnish photographer Jouko Lehtola's exhibition in 2006 at the gallery DA2, in Salamanca, Spain, presenting the late photographer's raw and unfiltered portraits of youth culture in the 90s. 

This series named “Young Heroes” began in 1995 and captured teens burgeoning on early adulthood as they kissed, danced and discovered the world around them. Lehtola’s photos immortalized the ephemeral youth capturing them in true honesty—skin imperfections, wild hairstyles, pseudo or real rebellious attitudes and all, portraying individuals who are both strong and vulnerable at the same time.

Condition: Fine