<b>Speeding </b><br>David Hurles

David Hurles

Green Candy, 2005  |  First edition
Softcover, 156 pages, 228 x 280 mm
Condition: Fine

For over 40 years, David Hurles documented the hidden world of rough trade and rent boys. His models ranged from drifters and grifters to hustlers and ex-cons men who came to Los Angeles to make it big but mostly landed in Hollywood'’s gutter. His photographs were ubiquitous fixtures in gay publications throughout the seventies and eighties and continue to enjoy a strong following today. More Weegee than Weber, these images vibrate with youthful male power and edgy sexuality. Chosen from Hurles' vast archive by noted homoerotic artist Rex, they comprise an amazing photographic history of a sexuality that society has rarely acknowledged.

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