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Through a Looking Glass
Douglas Gordon

Gagosian Gallery, 1999  |  First edition  
4to folded poster. One 120 x 177 cm sheet printed offset recto and verso, folded in eights to make 30 x 22 cm
Condition: Good, shelf wear and rubbing to edges, tear in one corner

Massive poster exhibition catalogue issued in conjunction with the 1999 Gagosian Gallery New York installation of Turner Prize-winning Scottish video artist Douglas Gordon's "Through a Looking Glass" - "two large-scale video projections which quote one of Hollywood's most memorable scenes. Using a monologue from Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver", Gordon traps the viewer between two images of Travis Bickle, one 'real' and the other a 'reflection of the real'. The projections appear at first to be mirror images of one another but they quickly trip out of sync and into a manic dialogue which bounces around the gallery, both visually and audibly".
It includes the six page screenplay "Adventure" by filmmaker Hal Hartley - comprised of e-mail correspondence between him and Douglas Gordon, an essay by film critic Amy Taubin, and a diptych of images of Robert De Niro from "Taxi Driver".