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Teenage Lust
Larry Clark

Self-published, 1983

Softcover, 128 pages, 226 x 290 mm

First edition

Teenage Lust is the second monograph of acclaimed film-maker and photographer Larry Clark. For the most part, it continues in the autobiographical vein of Tulsa, his first work. Teenage Lust is a much more free-form kind of work than its predecessor, lacking Tulsa's dark and grainy aesthetic. As the book goes on, it draws away from the characters of Tulsa and turns to teenage runaways, photographed by Clark in various cities and hotels. The book contains many handrwritten captiona, as well as excerpts of newspaper articles about Clark's run-ins with the law, and the book ends with a very long, ranting stream-of-consciousness text telling the story of Clark's entire life. A truly powerful illustration of the self-destructrive, careless intoxication that Clark has always seen in youth.

Unlike Tulsa, Teenage Lust has never been reprinted in an affordable edition, this copy being the even scarcer first printing.

Condition: Very Good, some wear to the cover and bottom corner, the inside is clean with no missing pages or rips.