<b>Self-Portrait 1973-1986 </b><br> Luciano Castelli

Self-Portrait 1973-1986
Luciano Castelli

Published by Edition Patrick Frey, 2014

Hardcover, 168 pages, 265 x 350 mm. 63 color and 36 b/w plates.

First edition

Swiss painter Luciano Castelli expressed himself in a great variety of different media over the course of his career. Since the early 1970s he posed for and in front of the camera and adopted different roles, acting out every conceivable facet of himself.

As an actor he assumes the most diverse roles, inventing himself in his photographs as colorful figures in utter disregard of gender distinctions: an androgynous mythical creature, a glam rock diva or a commedia dell‘arte character. As a choreographer he brings these fictional personalities to life in his images. His virtuoso, surreal self-portraits are of an undiminished vibrancy in their playful eroticism and darkly narrative thrust. They reveal a hitherto underrated aspect of Castelli‘s oeuvre, which now, several decades later, can be discovered in this beautiful book.

Condition: Very Good

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